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The Periodic Table of SEO

What is SEO? By now, if you are a subscriber to our blog or attended one of our many seminars or courses, you can answer this question in a few sentences. For the sake of any new readers or those looking for beginner guides, we will describe what SEO means to us, Plush Global Media,

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DIY Link building tips

There are many factors to any DIY link building campaign and one of the most commonly used techniques is adding your links to free business directories or portals. There are a huge amount of business directories out there that will add your business completely free of charge to their website. All you have to do

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Link building for dummies

Welcome to the Plush Blog’s New Series Focus We’re kicking off 2016 with new blog series that covers the basics or the essentials of SEO (search engine optimisation). Our new blogs will be published in parts to help things sink in a bit better. Best of all, this will give our growing audience the chance

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