3 Sharp Social Media Plans For Boosting Brand Recall

In an age where social media plays a vital role in most people’s lives, you’d be considered outdated if you weren’t using some form of it to boost your brand recall. With billions of people across the world using social media for some activity or the other, a clever social media plan can help you

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Trying to Promote a Pin on Pinterest? Here’s Why You Can’t

If you haven’t already heard, Pinterest finally made the announcement in January 2015 that we could finally use the 4th largest social media platform for promotions & advertising. Considering Pinterest’s demographic base comprises of 70% women, it was every Marketers dream to tap that! Here at Plush Media, we couldn’t wait, but not only because

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When are the best times to post in Social Media?

How do you make sure that people will read your post? When are the best times to post in Social Media portals such as  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+? Believe it or not, there is a time for everything, especially on social media. The best times to post in Social Media: Facebook Monday until Friday

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