Link building for dummies

Welcome to the Plush Blog’s New Series Focus We’re kicking off 2016 with new blog series that covers the basics or the essentials of SEO (search engine optimisation). Our new blogs will be published in parts to help things sink in a bit better. Best of all, this will give our growing audience the chance

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Why Content marketing?

90% of the business to business marketeers use content marketing to make online sales, this is one of the findings in the research done by AC Nielsen in the US. The content marketing tools they were referring to contained blogs, white papers and video’s. It is expensive, hard work and time-consuming. But it also generates

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How to advertise on Instagram

Instagram, the very popular photo platform where people share photo’s and really short video’s. A platform that not so long ago was ad-free. But from the moment Facebook bought it, it was only a matter of time before they would introduce some fine advertising options. And that time has come, from now on it is

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